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ℹ️ Overview

A Q&A session is a great way to engage your audience in the conversation. From the questions asked by the audience, speakers can see the information gaps the participants might have or start a discussion with them. The organizer has the possibility to turn off the feature at any time, delete inappropriate comments, sort the questions and archive them.

⚙️ Activating and using the Q&A feature

  1. First the organizer must move to the desired agenda element in the "AGENDA" module. The following box must be checked under "INFO".

  2. Next to “INFO” is the “Q&A” tab, where the “Enable/disable Q&A” button must be enabled to activate Q&A. All the questions and comments will appear under this tab.

  3. There is a toolbar in the Q&A area that gives the organizer a opportunity to (from left to right):

    1. show/unarchive archived questions

    2. sort the questions (applies only to admin view)- by upvotes, newest, oldest

    3. forward the questions to email

    4. export the questions as a xlsx file

  4. To the right of the question (from left to right), you can find the following options:

    1. to put the question in fullscreen, e.g. to display the questions in live-stream or on the stage

    2. to archive the question

    3. to mark the question as "answered"

      Participant view of an answered question

    4. to delete the question (this cannot be undone)

✅ Participants have the opportunity to mark each other's questions as favorites. This way, the organizer can see which questions are more appealing to the audience, therefore trying to answer them first. To see the questions in order of popularity, you should select "Most upvoted" from the sort button.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

🖇 Related features

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