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ℹ️ Overview

The Q&A session gives participants the opportunity to raise concerns, get answers to questions that interest them and ask questions from people they wouldn't normally be able to. In addition to asking questions, the audience can also make comments about the presentation by adding their own point of view. Q&A session is also a wonderful feature for this part of the audience, that would not feel comfortable with asking questions in public.

βš™οΈ Asking questions

  1. When Q&A is enabled, there is a "Q&A" button below the agenda element, which opens the following view:

  2. To share a question or comment, type in the input box ("Share your opinion and ask") and click on the "Share" button when you're done. Your question will appear in the list below. The question will be ranked last, since it is sorted by the number of upvotes.

  • NB! If moderated Q&A has been activated by the organizer, the question will not appear in the list immediately, but only after it has been approved by the organizer.

πŸ‘ Giving upvotes and sorting


You can upvote your favorite questions to increase its chances of getting answered. It shows which questions are more relevant to the audience. There are no numerical restrictions on adding likes.

  • To upvote a question, click on the gray thumb button.

  • When a question is marked as a favorite, the thumb turns white.

  • The more upvotes a question has, the higher on the list it will be.

  • To remove a upvote, click on the thumb again.


The list of questions can be sorted either chronologically or by upvotes.

  • In chronological order, there are options for: "Older first" and "Newer first".

  • In order of upvotes, the options are: "More popular first" and "Less popular first".

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