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Public chat
Public chat in participant view
Public chat in participant view
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ℹ️ Overview

For the participant, a public chat is a great place to share their impressions and emotions with other participants. Public chat also allows users to share files, such as sending pictures of themselves enjoying the event.

⚙️ User guide for participants

You can access the public chat by going to the "Public Chat" area in the footer menu.

Public chat from participant view

In a public chat, participant has the opportunity to:

  1. Reply to/mention other participants:

    1. Click the "…" button next to the user's message.

      1. Reply to…- send a direct reply to the user's message.

      2. Mention…- mention the user in your message with an @ sign.

  2. Send files:

    1. There is a “📎” button to the right of the message entry box. You can upload a file up to 5MB in size by clicking the file button.

  3. Change the chat settings and nickname:

    1. By clicking on your profile in the list of participants, the following view will appear:

      1. Change Nickname- allows you to change the name displayed to participants.

      2. Chat Preferences- allows you to change various chat settings (such as message timestamps and character counter).

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