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FAQ i.e. Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ i.e. Frequently Asked Questions
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What type of events can I host on Worksup?

Worksup is best suitable for conferences, summits, workshops or meetups, but you can host any type of the event on the platform.

How many attendees can join my virtual event on Worksup?

As of the basic product, up to 5,000 real-time participants per event. This number can easily be increased to 30,000 and even more if necessary (read more here).

The pricing of the Worksup basic product does not depend on the number of participants, but is calculated as a one-time fee regardless of whether the event has 10 or 5,000 participants.

How many event days fit under one event?

Worksup considers consecutive event days as one whole. For example if the event is 3 days long, including 3 consecutive days, then the event needs one license to take place. If the event takes place monthly or quarterly, a separate license is charged for each event day (or series of event days).

Can I create my event now and start testing?

Even if your event starts no sooner than couple of weeks or months, you can create it now and start testing the features. We recommend using our Wiki, which includes many interesting guides and articles on how to use the features.

Be sure to notify the Worksup team about the event at

What is included in the basic product?

You can read more about basic product here.

Can I use multiple features for one event?

Yes, absolutely! The organizer can choose between various features to make the event exciting and interactive. More information about our features and prices on our website.

It is worth considering that the implementation of some features for an event can take 3 or more working days.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept wire transfer or PayPal invoice and its associated payment methods (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.). If you prefer to use a different payment method, please contact us.

Is it possible to cancel or change my licence subscription?

Licenses can be revoked as long as an event has not yet occurred. In this case, the customer receives a Worksup credit that can be used in future events, according to the license purchased. You cannot retain from the payment.

What is online consultation for?

During online consultation, our event expert is learning your specific case, goals, and recommends the most effective way of using the platform and shows how it works.

What devices can I use for Worksup?

Event attendees can open Worksup on mobile, web or tablet and use full-service functionality in either of them. No downloads needed.

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