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Breakout Groups: for organizer
Breakout Groups: for organizer
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ℹ️ Overview

More than ever, workshops, lectures and conferences are happening online. So it's never been more important to combine bigger meetings with smaller, collaborative sessions. Breakout Groups lets hosts start breakout sessions where participants can split into smaller groups. Perfect for working with your team!

⚙️ Breakout Group setup and use

When creating a video room (read here), the checkbox "Breakout rooms (host only)" is displayed under the user interface column, which is already marked by default. If you do not want to have the possibility of a breakout room, you can remove the check mark again.

  1. You can find Breakout Groups by hovering over the "People" button in the video room toolbar.

  2. A new view will open on the right side of the screen, in which you can select "Start breakout session" after you have:

    1. Choosen the number of desired groups (No. of groups).

    2. Assigned all the participants from the "Unassigned" list.

    3. Changed the group name under the "..." icon (if necessary).

  3. after starting the session, you can see all the participants in the groups assigned to them.

    Näites on tegemist tühja ruumiga

  4. The "Go on stage" option is also located at the top of the video room - it creates an audio broadcast from the moderator across all groups (they can't see the picture, only hear your voice).

  5. To end the breakout session, click "End".

An example of a group with participants

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