Pre-defining interests
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ℹ️ Overview

Pre-defining interests is a feature where all interests entered by participants are automatically transferred to the registration form. The organizer can define the first interests through the participant view. The same interests will then appear on the registration form for each next registrant, and so on. The interests chosen by the attendee upon entry are transferred to his networking profile.

Pre-defining interests is a good way to ensure that a larger number of participants define their interests and offerings, thereby improving the networking experience!

πŸ“ Activating the pre-defined interests

To pre-define interests, the organizer must check the "Collect networking interests in the registration form" box when setting up the gate under the "Gate" module (NB! pre-defining only works with open-registration access). In the text area that appears below, enter the text for instructing the attendees.

When the participant enter their email, they will be taken to the following view (interests differ depending on the organizer and participants):

When choosing interests in the registration form, they can still be changed from profile upon entering the event.

πŸ”‘ Locking pre-defined interests' list

The organizer has the option to lock the interests' list after defining them in the participant view. In this case, the interests of the participants will no longer appear in the gate, but they can only choose between those interests that the organizer has previously defined. The feature prevents the repetition of interests and the occurrence of typos, keeping "cleanliness" and order between interests in the gate.

To activate, the "Lock interest list" option is located under the matchmaking button in the "Controls" module, which should be enabled after defining interests in the participant view.

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