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Workspace rules and permissions
Workspace rules and permissions
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โ„น๏ธ Applies to all members

  1. You can change the name and invites under the "Settings & members" menu.

  2. You must verify your account before inviting other members. Similarly, members need to verify their account's e-mail address before they can accept the invitation. This prevents unwanted/spoofed accounts from joining your workspace.

    1. You can check whether your account has been verified by clicking on your name in the menu from the left. If the email has a checkmark icon next to it, the email address is verified. If there is a cross instead of a checkmark, it is not verified.

    2. To verify the account, click on the icon next to your email. It will send you a confirmation letter to the address. Follow its instructions.

    3. If the account was created with an email address that does not exist, a new email address must be added and verified according to the previous instructions.

  3. You can invite as many teammates as you wish.

  4. You cannot send multiple invites to the same email address.

  5. All members can change the workspace name and send out invites.

  6. You can create an infinite amount of workspaces.

  7. The selected workspace remains active between sessions. This means that the selected workspace is saved to the browser's cookies, and after a refresh the same workspace as last time opens.

  8. Members can see and administer all events and media which have been created under their workspaces.

๐Ÿ‘ค Applies to workspace owner only

  • Only the owner can kick people out of his/her workspace.

  • Workspace creator is assigned with an "owner" role. Others are regular members.

  • As an owner, you cannot leave from your own workspace.

NB! Now that you are working on the same data, watch out with overwriting each other's work! If you are working on the same form, e.g. the same expo partner or agenda element, it might be a good idea to synchronize with your teammates, first.

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