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Virtual tasks in participant view
Virtual tasks in participant view
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ℹ️ Overview

Thanks to tasks, participants can also take an active part in the event organized for them. By answering the questions and completing the tasks, the audience can express their opinion, be a part of the discussions, show their knowledge and express themselves through great image tasks.

You can find tasks from three places:

  • Under agenda elements (“Tasks” button).

  • In event-based tasks area, accessible through agenda (green “Tasks” button in bottom right corner).

  • In expo booths.

📝 Polls

A poll consists of multiple-choice questions. When selecting an answer choice, it turns white. After answering the question, click "Send".

There are three types of polls:

  • One answer only: you can only choose one option out of all the answer choices.

  • Multiple possible answers: you can select many answers from the choices given.

  • Quiz- only one correct answer: you can make one answer choice. Organizer will announce a winner (read more about winning animations here). To participate in a quiz you must provide your name.

  • An example of a lottery wheel animation:

📝 Open-ended questions

With open-ended questions, the participant can answer the question in open form without any restrictions. The answer must be entered in the "Enter your answer" field → then click on the "Send" button.

📝 Creative tasks

In the case of a creative task, the organizer gives the participant an image task (e.g. selfie, drawing, group work).

  1. To upload an image, click the "Browse for image" button and upload the desired file.

  2. Before uploading an image, you can also rotate it using the “Click to rotate” button or replace it using the “Edit” button to select a new photo.

  3. After selecting the image, click the "Send" button.

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