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ℹ️ Overview

A public chat is a common chatboard where all participants can write. The public chat can be used as a waiting room before the start of the event, as a welcome area where participants can get to know each other, or simply as a wall for a joint discussion. Up to 2500 concurrent attendees can use the public chat at the same time.

⚙️ User guide for the organizer

Public chat is a paid add-on, which means that the feature can only be activated by the Worksup team on request.

Public chat in the organizer view

The organizer can get a role as a host of the public chat, which gives him the opportunity to:

  1. Remove participants from the conversation

    1. Click on a profile in the list of participants on the right and select Kick/Ban:

      1. Kick- permanently removes the user, a short justification for the decision is asked;

      2. Ban- you can select a specific time for how long the participant will be removed from the conversation. You also have the option to delete all messages sent from that user.

  2. To delete/undelete messages (deleted messages will disappear completely from the participant view)

    1. To delete, click the “…” button to the right of the message (becomes visible on hovering over) and select “Delete message”.

    2. When selecting “Click to view” on a deleted message, it will display the content of the message. The “…” button will also reappear in the selection, from which you can select “Un-delete message” and the question will be visible to the participants again.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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