ℹ️ Overview

There may be situations where there is a need to invalidate existing registrations. Before invalidating the registration, it must be remembered that the participant only loses access if he/she has not already entered the event. If a participant has already been granted accessed the event, the registration will only be invalid if they log in from a new browser or device. A user already in the event cannot be removed.

⚙️ How to validate/invalidate registrations?

  1. To invalidate a participant, go to "REGISTRATIONS" module. On the right of the participant you can see the status of their profile, which indicates whether the registration is "VALID" or "INVALID". For the attendee to lose access, press the "INVALIDATE" button, after which the status will change to "invalid". The action can be undone by pressing the same button again.

  2. Clicking on the checkboxes on the left, gives the opportunity to validate/invalidate the selected registrations all at once.

  3. There is also a "VALIDATE ALL" button in the top row. The number in parentheses indicates to the number of invalid registrations, allowing you to validate them all at once.

  • There is also an option to delete all your registrations at once. To do this, there is a "Delete all event registrations" recycle bin icon in the top row. You will be asked to confirm your decision as this action cannot be undone.

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