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ℹ️ Overview

Similar to the elements of the agenda, it is also possible to add a tag to the registered participants. This allows the organizer to divide the participants more clearly if desired, for example: presenter, partner, investor, marketer, etc. Different colors can also be added to the tags for faster visual differentiation.

⚙️ Adding tags

Adding tags to participants is done during registration. Both single registration and bulk registration have a separate area for adding the "Tags" feature.

NB! By assiging a color to a tag, it applies to all tags with the same name.

Adding a tag in single registration (read here):

Adding a tag in bulk registration (read here):

  • When adding multiple tags, separate them with commas. For example: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing.

  • To assign a color, you need to add color codes and tags in the following format: (Blockchain, #ffffff), (Artificial Intelligence, #0000f0), (Marketing)

  • If no color is added, the default color is black.

  • Adding tags is not mandatory, the column can then simply be removed.

👤 Tags on networking profiles

The tags assigned by the organizer also appear automatically on the participant's profile in the participant application and also in the list of participants. If the assigned roles are long or multiple are added, the tags become scrollable.

Tag on networking profile:

Tag on participation list's profile:

⭐️ Bonuses of adding tags to participants

  • It is possible to search participants by tag names both in the participant view and in the admin view.

  • Tags allow participants to quickly find presenters/participants of interest among others based on their tags names.

  • The tags assigned by the organizer are automatically transferred to the participant's profile, where they are displayed under the message "Organizer has assigned you the following tags". Also, the tags can be seen on the profiles in the participation list.

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