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Recommendations for organizers
Recommendations for organizers
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In the following article, we share recommendations and practical tips based on our experience to support the organizers in planning and delivering their communication goals.

Recommendations are divided into three categories:

  • 5 recommendations for the organizers to communicate Worksup's objectives at the event, plus tips on briefing the moderator of the event

  • 5 recommendations for the moderator/host of the event

  • 3 recommendations for the technical/production team

Five recommendations for the organizers

  • Indicate to the event platform in advance. Even if the event's agenda is not set yet, it would be a good idea to communicate the upcoming launch of the platform as early as possible. The message helps the attendees to allocate some time for reviewing the content on the platform ahead of the event.

  • Distribute your communication into multiple messages to avoid overwhelming your audience with heavy emails. One of your first messages could include the pre-event activities such as networking, tasks for collecting input, takeaways, and familiarising with partners/sponsors at the expo. The following message, ideally sent out on the day or a day before the event, could be all about the essentials that are relevant for the event day(s). E.g. Q&A, tasks/polls/quizzes, and making meaningful connections at the expo. In your post-event messages, don't forget to emphasise that the platform remains open for post-event networking and messaging.

  • Keep it short and sweet. The organizers might fancy to instruct the attendees in detail. The reality of Worksup has indicated that the platform is intuitive enough and attendees will manage finding the features on their own. It's rather important to communicate the opportunities and goals of the platform so the attendees will get the maximum out of the experience.

  • Organizer announcements. Even if the event is taking place fully onsite, Worksup's announcement board is an ideal instrument to share what's important. Setting up the announcements in pop-up format results in attracting attention easily.

An example of organizer announcement

  • Prepare a brief for the moderator. At the event, the focus is on the moderator/host of the event. The moderator has the power of boosting the messages and thus, it's important that he/she has the proper overview of the platform. You can read more in the next chapter on the recommendations for the moderator.

Five recommendations for the moderator/host of the event

  • Communication at the beginning of the day. The moderator could compose up to three main purposes on why the platform is used throughout the event. E.g. Q&A, networking, and visiting/contacting partners at the expo. The attendees will be pretty swamped with practical details at the event's launch session, so it would be helpful for all parties to not put all cards out there at once.

  • Indicate the location of the features. Although the platform is intuitive enough, a reference on the location of features is still necessary. Especially, if the aim is to lead the attendees to using the features as soon as possible. We suggest giving direct instructions on where to find the features, e.g. a location for the questions is under the presentation's title. Or the list of attendees is located in the footer menu, next to the agenda button.

  • Supportive visuals. Ideally, the moderator will guide the attendees through Worksup's journey by using a screencast of screenshots of the current event. The slides or the screencast is designed by the organizer based on the event's setup, functionalties and design.

  • Include the introduction of additional features through the event day. Once the new, unintroduced features become relevant, find a spot in your presentations for highlighting what's new and possible on the platform.

  • Repetition, repetition, repetition! Repeating the most important features increases the engagement percentage of the platform, especially if the attendees join the event throughout the day.

Three recommendations for the technical/production team

  • A tip for the organizers - introduce the plan of using Worksup as early as possible. Brief the technical team on your plan of using Worksup so they could prepare their time, resources and equipment according to your demands.

  • Screencast on how to navigate in Worksup. Help the organiser to deliver a screencast for attendees on how to navigate through different features. The moderator of the event is supporting the screencast verbally.

  • Elevate your production with slides of results. Worksup enables to easily project polls' and surveys' results in diagrams or highlight questions in individual, visually attractive slides.

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