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  1. Create an admin account and login to Worksup.

  2. To create a new event, click on "Add new event" button.

  3. Choose a name and ID.

  4. Choose a start date.

NB! You can see a preview of the event. To do this, press the phone icon in the upper right corner.

Top menu bar:

  • In the "AGENDA" module, create an agenda for the event. You can read more about creating an agenda and its additional options HERE.

  • Under the "CONTROLS" module you can change the branding and turn on networking along with many other additional options for the event.

  • The "MEDIA" module can be used to add live-streams and other event-based media files.

  • "TASKS" module allows you to add tasks with cross-event scope (e.g. feedback).

  • "CHAT" shows the conversations between the participants and the organizer, so during the event, you should keep an eye on it to provide support to the participants if necessary.

  • "NETWORKING" module displays the profiles of all participants, allowing you to hide them from the participation list if necessary.

  • "PARTICIPATION" provides a real-time overview of the performance of your event- check-ins, average session durations, currently online attendees and much more. Read more about the analytics of the event HERE.

5. When the event setup has been completed, it is also possible to test the event through the eyes of your participants by using the organizer preview mode.

6. In order to make the event pubic for the attendees, it is necessary to purchase the Base Plan and, in case used, all the add-on features as well.

7. If you wish to organize your events into workspaces or collaborate with others in making the event, read about our workspace article here.

Here are the basic steps for setting up an event. There are several other features available for a more personalized event. You can find out more about all the features here on Wiki or simply ask from us directly.

✨ Enjoy creating your event! ✨

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